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Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Sand Creek Massacre - Years Of Decay split12"


viernes 21 de enero de 2011

último, y mui bueno trabajo sacado por esas dos bandazas: sand creek massacre y years of decay.
sand creek massacre, de zwolle, overijssel en holanda, en su mejor play, hacendo su ya conocido crustcore brutal, pero no menos melodico en 4 canciones "fudidas" y por otro lado, tenemos los magnificos years of decay, de rennes en francia, banda anarko crust con voces femeninas, presentando 6 canciones muy buen hechas, en todos los sentidos, desde las voces, instrumetal hasta las ideas. un disco de la puta madre!!
editado y sacado en 2010, por muchos sellos como: halvfabrikat rekords, crashlanding, kink rds, i feel good, deviance, blackout brigade, tanker rds, emergence, subsociety, subversives ways.

soon: entrevista con los sand creek massacre en mentes kaoticas
since now very thanx to erik y sand creek massacre [i want my play too] to support! cheers guys!


Selasa, 02 Maret 2010

IGNITE - BEST OF : 1994 - 2004 ( 2005 )

..::high quality fast punk rock from
Orange County, California - US

::download album::
01. Who Sold Out Now?
02. Veteran
03. Burned Up
04. Run
05. Bullets Included, No Thought Required
06. A Place Called Home
07. Hands On Stance
08. By My Side
09. Pieter
10. Holding On
11. Past Our Means
12. In Defense
13. Embrace
14. Taken Away
15. Ash Return
16. Straight Ahead
17. Black Light
18. You
19. Epidemic
20. In My Time
21. Call On My Brothers
22. Aggression
23. Family
24. 50 & A Month
25. Man Against Man

VA - Music By People Like us (2008)

::download album::

01. Wisdom In Chains - Land Of Kings
02. Everyday Dollars - Supply And Demand
30. Madball - Infiltrate The System
04. District 9 - Addicts With Armando F451
05. Sick Of It All - Die Alone
06. Blacklisted - How Quickly We Forget (Again)
07. My Turn To Win - Hear Me Now
08. Go It Alone - Love
09. Kill Your Idols - Miserable And Satisfied
10. Modern Life Is War - The Outsiders
11. Deathcycle - Suicide Seeds
12. Pulling Teeth - Ashes And Dust
13. One 4 One - This Day
14. Blood For Blood - Hanging On The Corner
15. Skare Tactic - Down For Life
16. Bring Out Your Dead - And When The Dramamine Wears Off
17. Walter Schreifels - Open Letter
18. Fahrenheit 451 - And I
19. Always Uprising - Get Up And Go
20. Ignite - Poverty For All
21. Agnostic Front - Addiction
22. 20 Bulls Each - Bow Down
23. Ambitions - Overstep
24. Subhoodz - 454 Big Block
25. Olde York - Still Believe
26. Deathkiller - New England Is Sinking
27. Killing Kings - Failure Eclipse

Cancer Bats - Birthing The Giant (2006)

..::angry hardcore punk from Toronto, Canada
.:if you like: The Ghost Of A Thousand, Gallows

::download album::

01 - Golden Tanks
02 - French Immersion
03 - Grenades
04 - Shillelagh
05 - Butterscotch
06 - Death Bros
07 - Firecrack This
08 - Diamond Mine
09 - 100 Grand Canyon
10 - Ghost Bust That
11 - Pneumonia Hawk

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

CONQUEST FOR DEATH - Beyond The Hidden Valley (2008)

..::hardcore punk from San Francisco, California
.:ex-members Devon, Craig and Robert of What Happens Next?

::dowload album::

01.Still Angry, Still Smiling
02.Shadows And Demons
03.Topographical Maps Of Imaginary Landscapes - The Whole Wide Wold - Newton
04.Victoria Terminus
05.Positive Attitude, Negative World
06.This Is Our Time - Never Say Die
07.What Joy In Gossip When You Can Say It To Their Face?
08.Condition Critical
09.In The Dead Of Night
10.Is This Integrity Or Stupidity? Rock 'n' Roll's A Loser's Game... And We're Winning!!!
11.Beyond The Valley Of The Last Of The V-8 Interceptors
12.Wake Up Screaming!
13.Double Standard Bearer
14.Repentant Or Martyred
15.The Unbridled Disgust Of Being Human, The Pure Joy Of Being Alive
17.No Safe Words For Life


..::trash grindcore from Mexico

::download album::

02Molestando niños muertos

BLOOD FOR BLOOD - Outlaw Anthem (2002)

..::hardcore punk from Boston, Massachusetts - US
.:if you like: Sick Of It AllMadballAgnostic Front

::download album::

01.Post Card From the Edge
02.Mother Dear
03.Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II)
04.Dead End Street
05.White Trash Anthem
06.So Common, So Cheap
07.Tear Out My Eyes
08.Some Kind of Hate
09.Love Song
11.She's Still a Bitch (Called Hope)