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Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

CONQUEST FOR DEATH - Beyond The Hidden Valley (2008)

..::hardcore punk from San Francisco, California
.:ex-members Devon, Craig and Robert of What Happens Next?

::dowload album::

01.Still Angry, Still Smiling
02.Shadows And Demons
03.Topographical Maps Of Imaginary Landscapes - The Whole Wide Wold - Newton
04.Victoria Terminus
05.Positive Attitude, Negative World
06.This Is Our Time - Never Say Die
07.What Joy In Gossip When You Can Say It To Their Face?
08.Condition Critical
09.In The Dead Of Night
10.Is This Integrity Or Stupidity? Rock 'n' Roll's A Loser's Game... And We're Winning!!!
11.Beyond The Valley Of The Last Of The V-8 Interceptors
12.Wake Up Screaming!
13.Double Standard Bearer
14.Repentant Or Martyred
15.The Unbridled Disgust Of Being Human, The Pure Joy Of Being Alive
17.No Safe Words For Life

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